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Darbanga Makhana is the Leading Makhana Suppliers India that has been in the business of makhana harvesting, processing, and supplying. We have witnessed significant changes in the makhana industry and have established ourselves as a leader Makhana Suppliers in India with a robust supply network and clientele across the world.
India is a major producer of makhana (fox nuts) globally, and the state of Bihar is the largest producer. Accounting for almost 90% of the country’s total production. This makes makhana a significant cash crop for the state of Bihar. They offer the highest quality crop, known as Phool makhana.
Districts such as Darbhanga, Purnia, Madhubani, Kishanganj, Araria, & Sitamarhi are some of the major contributors to Fox nut seed production in Bihar. Given the region’s importance, a Makhana Research Centre has been established in Darbhanga district, Bihar. Under the administrative control of the ICAR Research Complex, Eastern Region, India.
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To keep pace with our customers’ evolving preferences and the increasing trend of makhana consumption, we have modernized every touchpoint in the production process to improve quality, maintain the highest level of food safety, and preserve the nutrient profile. We continually innovate our product range, including uniquely processed makhana-based healthy snacks such as roasted flavored makhana. Our Wide Makhana Supply Network makes us the Largest Phool Makhana Suppliers with well-equipped Production facility. We ensure that everyone gets the Top-Quality Makhana at the Best Price.
We achieved significant position in the industry for Wholesale Makhana Suppliers and offering superior quality products. As the Makhana products in India are being manufactured with increased global standardization and efficiency in their production methods, to meet the growing demand. We guarantee the Supply of Top-Quality Raw, Roasted and Flavored Makhana.
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Best Quality Raw Makhana Supplier

Being the leader of the Makhana Suppliers in India, we maintain our pace with our customers offering the top quality phool makhana. We are in the business of makhana supplying for many years and have gained the trust of many people.

We have overhauled and modernized each aspect at the time of makhana production. At every process, Darbhanga Makhana, the Phool Makhana Suppliers improve the product according to the customer’s feedback in order to improve sales and satisfy customers.

We ensure to offer the highest level of food safety and makhana production without disturbing the nutrients that makhana holds. Being the renowned Wholesale Makhana Suppliers, we continuously try to innovate and offer a new product range. In order to out stand among other Makhana Suppliers India.
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